Large facilities,
efficient material handling capabilities and first-rate processing equipment
allow Premier to consistently
meet all your needs for Flat Rolled products.



Mission Statement
Our goal is to service the steel consuming community in niche and value added products with a "just-in-time" orientation, to let our customers needs determine our future direction, and to approach relationships with our customers and vendors in an ethical, moral and partnership-like manner.

A Bit of Background

In 1992, founder and CEO, Steven C. Bergman realized that there was a void of sorts in the Flat Rolled steel industry.  Service centers were buying almost all of their products from either domestic or foreign mill producers.  While quality wasn’t a problem, few mill producers could offer much in the way of flexibility, product availability and customer service.  So Premier Steel was founded and began offering service centers and large end-users a better way to buy steel, and manage their inventory.

      Today, Premier is a leading source of Flat Bar and Hot Rolled and Pickled and Oiled sheet products.   Premier Steel Inc. has over thirty years of steel experience in virtually every facet of steel distribution, trading and finance/credit.

Location is Everything. Premier is Everywhere.

Everything East of the Mississippi
If you're this side of the Big Muddy, we've got you covered. Premier Steel has a strategic network of sales, processing and manufacturing resources in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan Mississippi, Wisconsin and Minnesota. All ready to respond instantly to your needs.

No matter where you are or what you need, you will find that Premier is your best, most reliable source for Flat Rolled steel products. You can count on Premier for a full range of value-added products, on-time delivery and bend-over-backwards service.

Ya'll Come South, Ya' Hear?
In an effort to provide better service to the Southern and Southwestern markets, Premier has made the move to Iuka, Mississippi. From this convenient location, Premier can offer short lead times, excellent flexibility and consistent superior quality to customers who ship to or through the Southern and Southwestern U.S. This central location, with access to major railways, waterways and highways makes shipping very cost-effective for you, our customer.

Bar products manufactured at the Iuka facility comprise a full-range of flats and universal mill plate from 1/8" x 4" through 5/8" x 24". The highest priority is given to strict quality control, with all material fully certified to our customers requirements.